Interactive laser shooting "Laser Tir"
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Programs for trainings with "Laser shooting gallery"

We draw your attention to the fact that our company considers it as unethical to prohibit its’ customers to use absolutely any games and programs with the laser shooting gallery “Laser Tir”. That’s why the policy of our company as regards the use of additional programs and games of other developers allows you to use them. That means you have an opportunity to order or purchase anywhere and from anybody or develop by yourself a game or training program suiting exactly you. Moreover, our employees will additionally advise you some inexpensive good games, which are popular now. (Some producers of laser shooting galleries set limits for their customers in that respect and oblige them to purchase the programs from them in addition).

We are also always ready to listen to your wishes as regards the future and existing programs for laser shooting gallery and do our best to implement them.

All the offered below programs are developed at the request of the soldiers and sportsmen taking into account their requirements.

We offer you the following popular training programs for laser shooting gallery:

"Virtual shooting gallery"

This program is intended for training of skills of shooting at static targets with the laser shooting gallery “Laser Tir”. It is possible to chose classical, sports and military targets. The targets are projected in real size at the distance necessary for you. After the shooting the enlarged target is shown with the traces of hits.

The possibility of a consecutive training of a group of shooters (platoon of the soldiers) is implemented in the program. There is a possibility of simultaneous and independent shooting of from one to four shooters.

An instructor in charge of firing exercises has a possibility to set a maximum number of shots for the shooters (when they expire the shooter will not be able to continue shooting), set the time for shooting, distance and type of the target.

Upon completion of the firing of the group the instructor has a possibility to print the results of the whole group on a convenient form. The results of the firing exercises are also automatically saved on the hard disk of the computer, which gives a possibility to print them later.

"Qualification firing"

The program of work with the laser shooting gallery “Laser Tir” is based on the military course of firing exercises and will be useful for all military units.

The officer in charge of firing exercises sets the number of shots for the whole exercise, time of appearance of each target and distances. Upon completion of the firing exercises each shooter of the group gets a mark from 2 to 5 depending on the precision of the firing.

The results of the firing exercises also remain in the memory of the computer and can be printed both at once upon completion of the firing of the group and later.

"Training simulator IPSC"

The program operates with the hardware and software complex laser shooting gallery “Laser Tir” and is intended for training of IPSC sportsmen, but it will also be very useful for the employees of paramilitary organizations.

First of all this is:
- self-control (as it is allowed to shoot only at the command);
- speed and precision f the first shot (a special mode is implemented, by which the shooter from the starting point at the signal does only one shot);
- shot dispersion record (the choice is possible: bullet, shot, buckshot. It is important to perceive the shot dispersion, when shoot at a target hidden behind the one for shooting at which you will get a penalty point (“targets with hostages”));
- leading exercise with the swinging targets;

“Russian steel”

In this program for laser shooting gallery "Laser Tir" the shooter must do eight typical exercises the IPSC sportsmen face at the match “Russian steel” conducted in the Moscow club “Object”.

In the same way as in the previous programs the targets are projected in real size at necessary distances.

With the help of this program the shooter not only will prepare for the match better, but will also determine whether it’s worse to participate in the match or he is not well prepared enough yet. That means that if a shooter can’t keep the standard time in the laser shooting gallery, he probably will not be able to keep it at the match.

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