Interactive laser shooting "Laser Tir"
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Advantages of the Laser shooting gallery

Advantages of interactive laser shooting gallery “Laser Tir” over the analogues:

We can’t speak of our colleagues bad, so we advise you to spend a couple of weeks for acquaintance with all variants before purchasing the laser shooting gallery. After you “have a feel” of all laser shooting galleries, try to make a first start, to adjust the shooting gallery, compare the systems of protection against fraud (if the laser shooting gallery is purchased for business), compare the quality of the laser weapon and laser modules. Notice how and by whom the modules are hidden in the weapon for the convenience of trainings and for protection against possible damage by the customers. Note the percentage of misfires of the laser weapon etc.

You can also find comments about laser shooting galleries and comparison tables in the internet. Ask, for example in Yandex or Google something like: Compare laser shooting galleries.

Upon detailed study of all variants most probably you will set your choice on laser shooting gallery “Laser Tir”.

Over gallery with fire weapon:

1. Safety. It’s known that laser shooting gallery is the safest shooting gallery. Even in case of sight shooting at a person there will be no injury.

2. Economy. Such consumables as ammunition and targets are not used in the laser shooting gallery, which involves considerable economy. When using laser shooting gallery in the costs you should consider power consumption (depends on the projection device and computer), batteries for laser weapon. Notice also the service life of the lamp of the projection device.

3. Minimal area required. A laser shooting gallery can be placed on the area from 6 square meters. Though, the targets will be projected at the distances necessary for the shooter (for example 25m, 100m etc.). Though, the sizes will correspond to those that the shooter would see at the firing ground.

4. Possibility to use at home.

5. Not limited in age customers. It’s enough that the shooter can hold weapon physically.

6. One does not need a permit for weapon for training.

We draw your attention to the fact that in spite of the advantages of laser shooting gallery one needs to have trainings in a battle-type shooting gallery for quality training of a shooter. This relates to the fact that the laser weapon does not have “recoil”, and if a shooter does not spend time for battle shooting for a long time, he will become disaccustomed to the “recoil”.

For achievement of the best result in the training the practicing shooters recommend to use a simple plan of trainings: 6 days a week training in the laser shooting gallery and at least 1 day training in the battle-type shooting gallery. Meanwhile one needs to take a notice of all his mistakes, and in the following 6 days, when training with the laser weapon, to concentrate on them.

The disadvantage of the laser shooting gallery (as well as the airsoft one) regarding the battle training we consider impossibility to reproduce a real “recoil”.

Over gallery with pneumatic, airsoft weapon:

The same advantages that were considered in respect of the gallery with fire weapon.

Some sellers of shooting galleries with pneumatic weapon name the availability of “recoil” as advantage. But the person, who at least once shot of such weapon, perfectly understands that in this case the “recoil” is just a sales pitch. Indeed there is no recoil in this weapon. There is only a sound by shooting. When using a gallery with pneumatic weapon for trainings it is also necessary to not forget about the plan “six to one”.

We draw your attention to the fact that in the laser shooting gallery you have a possibility to use the same weapon as in the galleries with pneumatic and airsoft weapon and if you wish you can have this so called “recoil”, while you will not have the consumption of bullets and will retain safety.

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