Interactive laser shooting "Laser Tir"
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About "LaserTir""

Company “Laser Tir” is engaged in production of laser shooting galleries and software for training of shooting skills of the employees of national security, defence and law enforcement agencies and sportsmen. One of the areas of the company activity is the production of training simulator "Laser Tir" for business.

Company “Laser Tir” was established by the graduates of the National Aerospace University, who obtained their practical skills at the enterprises closely related to the aviation, aerospace and nuclear industries.

During a quite small period (since 2009) of being on the market of laser and projection technologies the company established itself as a leader in production and supplies of laser shooting galleries both in Ukraine and abroad.

Our team consists of young specialists perfectly knowing their stuff and knowing way around in the world of technological innovations. Laser modules developed by our specialists and software used in the interactive laser shooting galleries experienced some fundamental changes during the time of their existence and they continue to improve.

We try to take into account all wishes of our clients – soldiers, sportsmen and entrepreneurs.
Nowadays our laser shooting galleries work well in the lighted premises that enables the shooters to do normal sight shooting (Some laser shooting galleries of other producers work to the date correctly only in the darkness causing inconveniences for the shooters). Whereas laser modules are integrated by the concealed mounting to the prototypes of weapon, which is important, when training with the use of holster (for example, some producers use modules mounted under-barrel that excludes a true training).

If you have any questions or wishes as regards laser shooting galleries, it will be our pleasure to discuss them. However, as the saying is, seeing is believing. We advise you to visit us and to “have a feel” of different variants prior to taking the decision to purchase a laser shooting gallery. And you shall see all pros and cons of particular offers in person.

Welcome to us for detailed study of laser shooting gallery with a cup of tea.

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