Interactive laser shooting "Laser Tir"
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Simulator "Laser Shooting Gallery"

We offer you to consider a quite simple variant of receipt of money as regards which the people are looking for the opportunity to spend when they are going to have a rest with the family or friends.

Everybody knows that a person, who comes to have a rest and visits a recreational park or entertainment centre, has already prepared some amount of money he wants to give the person, who will offer him a new interesting and exciting entertainment. The funds are very often raised during a whole year to be given during a month to entrepreneurs, who can offer to a person a qualitative and interesting recreation.

It’s not a secret that the entertainment industry makes its headway and that is already not interesting to the people today for what they wanted to pay yesterday. Some entrepreneurs advance in switching over to new technologies increasing their income, but the others try to revive their dying business.

We offer you to be one of the first persons in your region to introduce new technologies, which already bring profit for some dozens of entrepreneurs all over the world. We offer you to earn money with the improved “Interactive laser shooting gallery “LaserTir””.

The situation in our country is so that one may not do some shooting on the street and the only outlet is a shooting gallery. Interactive laser shooting galleries attract clients by their novelty, uncommonness, large screen (the width can be from 2 to 9 meters), a good choice of weapon known from films and games, use of interactive games, moving and static targets instead of crushed beercans. The important peculiarity of the laser shooting gallery is a complete safety both for the shooter and for those around him including the operator (you can find in the internet a lot of cases of injury of people having a rest by the “unsafe” shooting galleries). This fact made the administration of some cities of the Crimea and the world health resorts to prohibit the use of dangerous shooting galleries.

It should be mentioned that there is no recoil in the laser weapon, which allows the shooter to fire more precisely, hit more targets and to score more. At first that may seem to prevent from receipt of maximum profit, but the practice has shown the contrary. One usually comes to do some shooting in the shooting gallery with a company, family or to come out strong for the lady-love. A simple question: “If a person has not had a special training and shoots not very well (in is the case for the majority), shall he have a wish to disgrace himself once more?” The answer is obvious. People like to spend money, people like to shoot, but they like even more to look more good and agile in the eyes of the people around him than he is indeed. This is the feeling that makes people to come to the laser shooting galleries again and again. A separate category of clients of the laser shooting galleries is children. Everybody knows that children just won’t play for a long time the game they can’t win. That’s why much less children go to the pneumatic shooting galleries than to the laser ones.

Why laser, not bullets?

- Safety – even by a direct contact a person will not get injured. Accordingly the image of the organization will not suffer, there will be no problems with the injured persons and authorities;
- Economy, as there are no consumables (bullets, targets);
- Low deterioration of the weapon – there are no pneumatic blocks in the weapon, which often fail;
- Interactive plots are much more attractive than beercans and static hares;
- The absence of the recoil allows people to fire more precisely, which attracts children, increases the shooters’ self-appraisal and eliminates fears like “I won’t hit” and “I will disgrace myself”;
- There almost no age limits for the shooters. It’s enough to know how to hold weapon;
- A good choice of weapon. From one for children that is light to full weight mockups of weapon used for armament.

Why “LaserTir” (Kharkov)?

- Possibility to do shooting in the lighted premises;
- Simple manual adjustment of the camera sensitivity and precision of hitting;
- Availability of light weapon in the sets, because the shooting galleries enjoy a particular popularity among the children (children and girls can’t hold the weapon of a real weight for a long time physically);
- Hidden installation of laser modules in the weapon barrel (laser module does not give itself away in any way rather than the weapons of the other producers);
- The control program records up to 4 shots simultaneously, which provides a possibility to carry out business in four streams (if there are some additional games for some people);
- possibility to use games of other producers, that means that there is no binding only to our games – we do not claim for the title of the best game makers. You may freely purchase or order for you an exclusive game and become a shooting gallery not like any other (some laser shooting galleries allow using only games additionally purchased from them);
- production of panoramic shooting galleries with two projecting devices – that will enable you to organize a shooting gallery with the screen of 6m x 2.5m and more;
- prompt warranty service;
- possibility of remote adjustment of the shooting gallery via internet by the help desk – if you have any problems with the adjustment, it’s enough to call us or connect the computer to the internet and we will help you to adjust the laser shooting gallery on a remote basis.

You can become familiar with the example of the business plan for laser shooting gallery (remember that the figures will be different for each specific place and approach).

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