Interactive laser shooting "Laser Tir"
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Games for laser shooting gallery

We draw your attention to the fact that our company considers it as unethical to prohibit its’ customers to use absolutely any games and programs with the laser shooting gallery “Laser Tir”. That’s why the policy of our company as regards the use of additional programs and games of other developers allows you to use them (some producers of laser shooting galleries set limits for their customers in that respect and oblige them to purchase the programs from them in addition). That means you have an opportunity to order or purchase anywhere and from anybody or develop by yourself a game or training program suiting exactly you.

When using the laser shooting gallery for the business this fact can play a great role. A simple example. Some simulators “laser shooting gallery” of the same kind suddenly turned out to be on one quay. And you will be able to stand out against the others and attract the people having a rest to your simulator right with your exclusive games, which your colleagues don’t have, because you have obtained them on your own.

Multimedia games for laser shooting gallery

The protection against fraud of operator (only in the packages “Business”) is implemented in this frame with games. That means that the manager of the simulator will always know how many games were played in his absence. The manager of the laser shooting gallery “Laser Tir” simulator also has a possibility to set the time of duration of the game session. An important peculiarity is that the customer pays for the whole time he is shooting. That means he can play 20 seconds one game, 20 seconds the second one and 20 seconds the third (if the settings are set for 60 seconds). After that the program will offer the customer to pay in addition to continue.

The possibility of starting the game by the customer without the knowledge of the operator is also excluded in the program. (Our customers have earlier told of the cases, when an operator deals with one customer and at the same time the customer, who just finished shooting, shoots on his own at the button “Start” and continues playing, while the program records two games already.)

Multimedia games for 4 players for laser shooting gallery

This set of games will allow the entrepreneurs to increase the level of their income carrying out business in four streams independently of each other! That means that additional costs are not necessary. The same one computer and one projection device are needed, but now you can service four customers simultaneously!

The peculiarity of these games is that each of the four shooters has a possibility to play the game he likes to, and not all players play one game as it was earlier in the previous versions of the games. That means that one player shoots at terrorists, while the other wants to shoot at the targets. Nothing is easier! Of course let him take laser weapon and hit the targets without disturbing the first and not depending on the time he has already spent shooting. The same applies to the third and the forth shooter.

The counting of the number of all games played by all players is integrated in this program. There is also a possibility to set the time of the session by the manager of the shooting gallery. Similarly to the variant with the games for one shooter there is a protection against a repeated start of the game session by the player without the knowledge of the operator, which enables you to count the number of played games more precisely and fair.

However, as the saying is, seeing is believing. You can find an example on video (video of laser shooting gallery without sound).

Game “Virtual shooting gallery. Business”

(From 1 to 4 shooters can play simultaneously)

This program is similar to shooter training simulator “Virtual shooting gallery”. At the request of our customers training simulator program for laser shooting gallery was adapted for carrying out business in four streams.

Now you will not lose even a single customer and will be able to earn two, three and even four times more!

We recommend you to use the program in the places well visited by the customers in order not to lose customers.

The program allows up to four shooters to fire at static targets simultaneously. The manager determines the number of simultaneous games depending on the size of the screen and availability of laser weapon from 1 to 4.

“Virtual shooting gallery. Business” has also built-in protections against fraud of operator as well as shooters as the previous program.

The manager of the shooting gallery has a possibility to set the time of a session and number of shots (operator does not have access to these settings).

We recommend you the following games of other developers for use with the laser shooting gallery:

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