Interactive laser shooting "Laser Tir"
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Principle of operation of laser shooting gallery

For the moment there are some types of laser shooting gallery, but they all work according to one scheme.

Hardware and software system “laser shooting gallery” consists of software (control program “lasertir”, training programs, interactive games), laser beam catching camera, computer, acoustic system, projection device, screen and laser weapon.

A plane white surface (for example: vinyl (banner) fabric, gypsum plasterboard painted in white colour as well as a specialized screen for the projection device itself) can serve as a screen for a laser shooting gallery.

The projection device and the catching camera are installed opposite the screen on a stand or fastened to the ceiling by special fixture.

The computer displays at the screen the training exercises (or interactive games) via projection device. The shooter shoots with the laser weapon at the projected target layout or takes part in interactive games.

At the moment of shooting the laser projects in the aimpoint a red point, which is recorded by the catching camera and it transmits the received coordinates to the computer. Based on these data the control program “lasertir” computes the position of the point and makes a shot in the corresponding coordinates. Depending on the accuracy of aiming the shooter can see the result of his shot (holes in the targets, or change of the course of interactive plot) in the real time. The acoustic system connected to the computer reproduces the sounds of the shot.

Principle of operation of laser shooting gallery

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